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Hollie & Edwin | Lawerence, Kansas Wedding

June 05, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Hollie and Edwin's wedding day was on Friday May 18th in Lawerence, Kansas. I had a fun time getting to take pictures of them for a few hours.  Hollie and Edwin had been at another wedding that I had photographed the summer before and after the wedding I got an email from Hollie saying she really liked the pictures I took and asked if I'd come and photograph their wedding day for a few hours.  I was delighted to come and be apart of their wedding day for a few hours.

At Hollie and Edwin's first look, Edwin was nervous, but super excited to see his bride-to-be. His face lite up with a huge smile on his face when he turned around and saw his soon-to-be wife.  

After their first look we ventured further outside and tried to find some shade as the sun was shining pretty brightly so it was a little warm. Hollie and Edwin handled the heat like champs. 

Their ceremony was at Corpus Christi Catholic in Lawerence. It was a beautiful ceremony as they were surrounded by loved ones.  

Hollie and Edwin--Thank You so much for contacting me and asking me and trusting me to take your wedding photos! I had a blast taking them! Thank you for your positive attitudes and fun energy! You guys were such fun people to be around and you are surrounded by people that care for you guys very much!  I wish you guys the best of luck as you guys embark on this new chapter as husband and wife! :)





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