Kayla & Brady | Engagement | Tuttle Creek Dam | Tuttle Creek Cove Park | Manhattan, Kansas

June 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

What a beautiful morning it was for Kayla and Brady's engagement session! It wasn't too hot or humid yet and there was a cool breeze as well. Even though it may have been an early morning getting up to make pictures at sunrise at 6:15am, it was definitely worth it! Sunrise is becoming one of my favorite times to take pictures!

We started out at the Tuttle Creek Dam and went down onto the big rocks below the dam as the sun was coming up.  Walking on the big rocks was kinda like a jungle gym for adults.  I had been out here a week ago, but there was a lot more driftwood on top of the rocks now then there was a week ago, but Kayla and Brady handled it like champs! I didn't fair so well as I stepped on driftwood and there wasn't a rock below, so I took a little stumble and have a nice little scar to show for it! :)

After we were done on the rocks, we headed to Tuttle Creek Cove Park and explored the park and took some more pictures. Thanks for coming to Manhattan and spending the morning with me!  Also, for waking up early, not many people would have been up for taking engagement pictures at 6:15am! :)



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